Washington State Urology Society Managers

Washington State Urology Society Managers is a group dedicated to meeting the specific needs of Urology managers and staff, supporting our colleagues with ongoing education, up-to-date ideas, legislative information and networking. If you aren’t already a member, we encourage you to become involved with our group. You will grow personally and professionally from your participation and your practice will benefit from your involvement.

The organization came together in September 1997 with the help of a few dedicated Urology managers and the support of the Washington State Urology Society. Since that time, we have enjoyed many workshops, retreats and networking sessions. Those of us who have been involved with the group for many years have seen our membership numbers rise and fall. In today’s world of ever-increasing regulations and time constraints, running a medical practice can be frustrating and rewarding at the same time. It seems difficult to take time away from our every day responsibilities to attend “another meeting”. WSUSM makes every effort to ensure that time is worthwhile. Once you have attended a few meetings, you will agree the time away was valuable to both you and your practice.

We are always looking for new ideas and feedback to help the organization grow and fulfill the needs of the members. We hold board meetings quarterly and we encourage ALL members to attend. This year we have made the decision to hold our workshops in conjunction with the annual WSUS conference in June. We may offer another half-day workshop for the purpose of networking and sharing our problems, ideas and solutions. Please let us know of any topics you would be interested in covering. You will find a list of our meeting dates in the December E-Communication.

We also encourage you to consider participating as a board member. It takes very little time on your part (a few phone conferences and a couple of planning meetings per year). Feel free to contact any of the board members for more information about our organization. You can download a copy of the registration form from this website. We encourage you to participate, learn and grow with the help of your colleagues around the state!

Eva Samtmann, Sound Urology
(425) 670-8950 Direct


Holly Nelson, Drs. Frankel, Reed and Evans
(206) 244-2822


Immediate Past President
Richard Chang, Yakima Urology Associates
(509) 853-1525

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