Legislative Priorities

The Washington State Urology actively engages in health advocacy for our members, our specialty, patients and communities we serve.

Access to quality and timely healthcare that is deemed medically necessary by the medical professionals providing the care to our urologic patients is at the core of our activities.

Locally and Nationally in 2016, the WSUS is working with members of congress to address the following issues:



  1. Increased funding for Graduate Medical Education (GME)
  2. USPSTF Reform and Preserving Access to PSA-Based Testing
  3. PSA Access and awareness
  4. Preserve in-office ancillary service exception


  1. Creation of Bladder Health Month in November (part of national movement)
  2. Prior authorization simplification with additional goal of one-page form
  3. Credentialing simplification
  4. PSA Access and awareness
  5. Benefit manager regulations for increased transparency
  6. Transparency and inclusion of experts to be included in al HTA meetings
  7. Biosimilars (Not generics) – preserve communication between prescribing physician and pharmacy when biosimilars are dispensed

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